Marielos Cabrera


Marielos Cabrera is a paralegal at Contreras & Metelska, PA. Her role with the firm includes working with clients throughout the legal process, as well as collecting evidence and drafting documents.

Marielos recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with degrees in both Legal and International Studies, along with a certificate in Mandarin Chinese. Previously, Marielos worked as a document reviewer and courier at Stroud, Willink and Howard LLC.

Marielos’ passion for working with immigrants grew while volunteering at the Immigration Justice Clinic at UW-Madison, and La Union del Pueblo Entero in Rio Valley Texas.

Marielos grew up in Plymouth, Minnesota but considers San Lucas, Guatemala (her father’s home town) a second home. In her free time Marielos enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, working out, and traveling. Marielos is fluent in Spanish and English, and speaks conversational Chinese.